The Aboriginal School of Dance offers a multitude of cultural workshops and has created many different styles of cultural programs for schools and organizations across Canada and the US. Our team has been heavily involved with program development in schools and organizations for over ten years and constantly strives to exceed clients’ expectations with our high quality standards for programming and instructing. Our instructors have been hand-selected, trained in working with large numbers of students and people of all ages, from daycare level to teachers and staff.


Workshops / Clinics

  • Pow Wow Dancing
  • Hoop Dancing
  • Pow Wow Singing / Drum Group
  • Beading / Crafts
  • Drum Making
  • Regalia Making
  • Storytelling
  • Throat Singing
  • Aboriginal Painting / Design
  • Star Blanket Making
  • Smudging and the Technique
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Moccasin Making

  • Medicine Wheel Teachings

  • Acting Out Legends

  • Traditional Embroidery

  • Baby Moss Bag Making

  • Discussion Periods & School Assemblies

Programs & Residencies

Below you will find some of our popular programs that have been proven successful at schools as well as communities and non-profit organizations over the past 5 years. In addition, we can create custom programs to fit your particular needs and schedule.

We also provide motivational speakers and a wide array of entertainment options. Click HERE if you’re looking for entertainment.

The Hybrid Indian

The Hybrid Indian Program was designed for both youth and adults to give them the strength to rise up and take responsibility in wanting a good life; taking a path with great strides and life skills to get them through their journey with precedence. This life skills oriented program builds focus around using traditional concepts with contemporary expressions.

Facilitated by Buffy Handel and Winston Wuttunee, this program is offered in 1-day, 2-day or 5-day versions.

The Hybrid Indian is there to make you better, faster & stronger.


Nee-ga-ning is a unique 5-day (or 2-day) in-school cultural camp offered to educational facilities from K to 12 that focuses on the mind, body, spirit and emotion, utilizing Aboriginal teachings and culture. Participants will be introduced to Aboriginal, singing, drumming, dancing, Native art and storytelling. Several instructors will facilitate sessions between 9:30am and 3:30pm, allowing students to explore different activities and teachings each day. The cultural camp will end with the presentation of “Glow”, a 1-hour show production performed by the Aboriginal School of Dance, bringing all of the teachings together.

Pow Wow Program

The Pow Wow program teaches the basics of Aboriginal dance alongside cultural teachings. The educational objective for the participants is to appreciate the richness of First Nation cultural history and traditions by learning about the significance and creation of song and dance. Stories that have been verbally passed down through generations will be shared to explain basic dance movements done by Plains Indigenous people. At the end of the program, a small presentation may be done in front of the school/staff/community showcasing what the students have learned.

Facilitated by one of our professionally trained instructors, this program is offered in 1-week and 2-week versions or can be custom-fit to your schedule and needs. This program has been very popular in schools as well as communities for the past 5 years.

Singing & Drumming Program

Singing and drumming has always been a fundamental part of Aboriginal culture. Ceremonies and social gathering include songs and the beating of the drums to contribute to the constant vibrations of all living creations. The songs bring expressions of emotion, healing, friendship and love. The objective of this program is to make the wisdom and teachings of the drum available to participants. Many “traditional” followers believe that drumming and singing will create a stronger identity for people who seek this journey of guidance.

Facilitated by one of our professionally trained instructors, this program can be custom-fit to your schedule and needs. This program, often called “drum club” has been successfully run in schools and communities across Manitoba.

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