The Aboriginal School of Dance is known for energetic and innovative choreography that provokes an intense emotional experience for audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.  We provide high quality Aboriginal artistic entertainment and educational programming and presentations. By fusing traditional styles with contemporary fields and educational value, our presentations foster empathy and understanding while teaching about Aboriginal culture. Our distinct and engaging performances feature song, dance, and storytelling, with a unique way of expressing multiculturalism through art and history.


Shows / Productions

Below you will find some of our popular shows, which are fully choreographed productions that are suited for a multitude of events. These have been presented in theatres, schools and at special events with great success. In addition, we can create custom performances to fit your particular needs and schedule.

We also provide motivational speakers and a wide array of educational programming options. Click HERE if you’re looking for educational services.


This 1-hour “glow-in-the-dark” show depicts the history of Native American culture through dance. It features everything from a 16-foot butterfly to a re-enactment of a buffalo hunt. From Jingle dress to Fancy shawl dance, Glow is a powerful fusion of traditional and contemporary movements and music. This show features 10-15 dancers with specially created regalia and costumes, all reacting beautifully to black light, making this show uniquely mystical. The integration of samba, salsa and other sounds from around the world make this show an unforgettable multicultural experience. Throughout the performance, you will witness all of the dancers “fusing” together in stylized movement and dance. As we dance together, we express the beautiful relationship between our traditions, Mother Earth, the music, and ourselves. As the powerful energy rises, the audience is left fulfilled and emotional.
(* This show can also be performed without “glow in the dark” in a venue with regular lighting.)


This 1-hr show was named for the idea that the happiness and freedom of our youth is about hope for tomorrow. Allowing youth to be inspired through what makes them feel confident about who they are and what they can accomplish is such a valuable instrument for the future of our human race. From hip hop to traditional, this show is to challenge the energy that audiences can feel through dance and to understand that this is not just about leather and beads.


Neemu-Egwah is a 1-hour show depicting how young Native American people express multiculturalism through the art of music and dance. Like “Glow”, “Neemu-Egwah” is an independently produced show choreographed and designed by the members of the Aboriginal School of Dance. It features a multitude of dancers, colourful costumes, self-produced music and educational yet awe-inspiring themes.

(* This show can also be performed using “glow in the dark” technology.)
** Our 1-hour shows can also be split in half to create a 30-min show.

15-Minute Custom Performance

This performance is great for school assemblies, community events and dinner functions. To help make us build a unique show for you, we ask you to choose which of the following styles and components you would like us to showcase: Eagle Dancer; Men’s / Women’s Traditional; Contemporary; Butterfly; Women’s / Men’s Fancy; Hoop Dance; Grass Dance; Jingle Dance; Hopping; and/or Hip Hop. This performance will be a custom show based on your preference with 15 minutes of non-stop performance and an optional verbal presentation. For schools, we offer the integration of their focus or school motto in the verbal presentation (optional).
(* This show can also be performed using “glow in the dark” technology.)

Other Popular Entertainment Options

  • 6 minutes of any powwow dance category (with one or more dancers)

  • 9 minutes of artistic multicultural fusion of dance ( 2 performers)

  • 13 minutes of different dance styles, characters and different paces of musical flow (popping, powwow, brazilian martial arts, contemporary)

  • 25 minutes of different dance styles, characters and different paces of musical flow (extended version of the 13-minute piece with 2 extra songs)

  • 30-minute show with your choice of either a multicultural or a traditional theme

We also offer interactive educational presentations consisting of both performance and verbal presentations.

To inquire about booking one of our popular or custom entertainment options, please complete our booking inquiry form found by clicking the “how to book us”, once received, a customer service representative with be contact with you.

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